EX Series Excavator Mowers

BrushHound EX-Series Brush Shredders are the ultimate in tree and brush clearing power. Their quality and toughness are the industry standard.

We Make Tough Jobs Easier

The EX Series attachments are designed to finely mulch all types of vegetation, such as grass, heavy brush and medium sized trees with a range of mini and mid-sized excavators from 3.5-tons to 20-tons. The standard cutting tool is a hardened steel knife with multiple cutting surfaces. Mounts for these attachments are custom made to match your make and model of your power unit.



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We introduced free freight on our EX models a while back, and we weren't given a timeline for how long it would last. Well, we still don't know when it's going to end, but you can be sure that the longer you wait, the more likely you are to lose out on potentially HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS of savings.
Just remember, the end of this promo could be soon and it could be without warning!  Call us today to get yours now!

We Cover All Your Attachment Essentials

When you purchase BrushHound equipment, it comes delivered with everything required to go straight to work. Most of the time with no modifications required on your power unit. Our belief is that the attachment buying process should be simple. You have a machine and you need the attachment – not a bunch of hidden fees and extra equipment. That’s why we take the guesswork out for you.
  1. MOTORS MATCHED ON GPM - Not all power units are created alike. We match the motor to the flow rate of your excavator or skid steer, guaranteeing optimal drum RPM.
  2. CUSTOM MOUNT IS INCLUDED - For our excavator-mounted mowers and shredders, we include the mount at no extra charge (unless it’s a WainRoy!). Whether that’s a CAT pin grabber, Bobcat X-Change, or one of the many others, we’ve got you covered.
  3. HOSES AND COUPLERS ALSO INCLUDED - We include 100” of hose on both the pressure and return lines for all of our mowers and shredders, and those hoses terminate in standard flat face couplers.

The Right Sized Attachment for Your Excavator

Selecting a mowing or shredding attachment for your excavator can be a daunting task. The questions that begin to form as the process starts can seem unanswerable. Can my excavator pick it up? Do I have enough fluid power? Is it going to perform the job I need it to? If you’re looking for a place to start, try the information below:
  • 30EX - 8000 - 13,000 Pound Excavator
  • 30EXHD - 10,000 - 16,000 Pound Excavator
  • 40EX HammerHead- 12,000 - 16,000 Pound Excavator
  • 40EXHD - 16,000 - 24,000 Pound Excavator
  • 50EXHD - 22,000 - 40,000 Pound Excavator
The numbers are above are a good guideline, but remember, there are exceptions to every rule! If you need help (or maybe just some comforting affirmation that you were on the right track), give us a call or find us on social media!

What's The Big Difference Between The EX And The FX Series?

The primary difference between the two is the CUTTING TOOL.

The FX Series utilizes fixed-tooth Quadco knives.
The EX Series utilizes free-swinging flail knives.

Which To Choose?

If time and efficiency are important, the FX Series is a great option. It covers a broader spectrum of material sizes and can reduce them to mulch much quicker. The EX Series is a great, cost-effective option for lighter material such as grass, weeds, shrubs and light brush.

When should you choose the HD model?

´╗┐While both pack a punch, there are some subtle differences between our Standard and Heavy Duty flail mower variants. Designed with harsh applications in mind, the HD variants are the perfect choice for contractors, municipalities, or rental applications.

On all our HD models, there are 3 Main Physical Differences that set them apart:               
  1. The ears used to mount the knife sets are thicker, allowing for more forgiveness when engaging larger material.
  2. The guarding is thicker (pretty self-explanatory).
  3. An additional thumb engagement area is included, ensuring the frame rails stay straight while also providing more surface area for your thumb.

Increase Motor Seal Life

For hydraulic-driven attachments, it's safe to say that hydraulic fluid is their lifeblood. Watching hoses seems to be a necessary task, and keep and eye out for drips becomes second nature. Many of these leaks, however, can be prevented by a few simple changes, helping to avoid costly hours of downtime.
  1. Run your excavator in one-way flow mode (i.e. breaker mode) to reduce back pressure on the motor
  2. Set your auxiliary hydraulic relief pressure to 3300 psi or less for gear motors and 4500 psi or less for piston motors
  3. Try not to stall the attachment. Yes pressure relief helps, but brief spikes in pressure from abrupt stalls can still hurt!

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